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Region: Madriz
Farm: UCA San Juan del Rio Coco
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuaí, Caturra, Maragogype
Processing: Fully washed
Altitude: 1,300 masl
Tasting Notes: Black Current, Maple Syrup, Chocolate



This Organic coffee is produced by the Unión de Cooperativas Agropecuarias San Juan del Rio Coco (UCA SJRC), for whom quality is of utmost importance. To ensure the best drying conditions and avoid taints and defects, farmer members bring their wet parchment to a central drying location, where it is carefully tended by Coop experts.

Nicaragua is one of the least densely populated countries in Central America, meaning that one of the primary resources available to Nicaraguan coffee producers is also one of the most important: land. Farmers, for the most part, will process coffee on their own farms, and the majority of the time coffee is dried on large drying patios under sun.

Smallholder farmers have benefited greatly from increased post-harvest training, frequently accessed through cooperatives. Milling infrastructure has improved their ability to sell under their own name, and thus hold onto any quality premiums attached to specialty production.

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