Dhs. 55.00

The region of Mantiqueira de Minas is an award-winning coffee-producing state, widely recognized for its tradition and reputation for producing specialty coffees with a highly differentiated sensory profile. This is partly due to its mountainous topography, mild climate, volcanic soils, and elevation that reaches 1,300m above sea level. However, the farmers and their intimate knowledge of the land and coffee-growing processes are why we are getting the rarest variety of beans.

One such place is Fazenda Bota Fora in the mountain slopes of Brazil's Mantiquieria de Minas region. Everyone, from the current manager, Maria de Fátima Silva Marques da Fonseca, down to the cherry pickers, boast decades of experience. This farm's history of coffee production spans four generations, and it shows at the cupping table. The beans in this bag were carefully hand-roasted in small batches to preserve the region's spirit and the pride of its people. 

Of all Brazillian coffee we’ve tried, this one exhibits a fuller body with a sweet lingering taste and hints of citrus, chocolate, and plums. It’s perfect on its own or in a blend.