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Don’t confuse Guji coffee with either Sidamo or Yirgacheffe coffees. Both Guji and Yirgacheffe were marketed under the “Sidamo” name because of an extensive geographical classification. In short, “Sidamo” refers to every coffee variety cultivated within the province of Sidamo. When the “province” was broken into ethnically based regions sometime in 1995, Guji became a part of the new Oromia region. This region has two coffee-growing sub-tribes: Guji Oromo and Borena Oromo. Over time, the former lobbied for their coffee to carry their own tribe’s name. Not only because of pride but because their coffee does have distinct differences from that of their neighboring tribes. 

Topping out at 2500m, Guji is your quintessential coffee growing region: a remote cloud forest with mineral-rich soil, a natural environment, and perfect climate conditions. Compared to its neighbors, Guji offers more exciting possibilities with a greater variation in terrain and prime coffee-growing locations in extremely high-altitude areas. Today, Guji coffee combines traditional coffee-growing methods and modern infrastructure to give us a brew we'll remember from our first sip to our last. 

Compared to Sidamo and Yirgacheffe coffees, Guji has a more complex yet balanced flavor profile. It has nicely balanced acidity and natural sweetness that make it ideal in both filter and espresso.