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In the 1600s, Indonesian coffee workers suffered abuse and oppression under the direct and dualistic rule of the Dutch colonial authorities. Then, in the late 1800s, a coffee leaf rust epidemic devastated vast swaths of coffee plantations. Many estates were abandoned, and landowners ceased coffee production. During these dark times, a ray of light shone for the laborers who grabbed small plots of land, eventually cultivating it with the remaining Arabica stock and the more disease-resistant Robusta coffee. It's what started the trend for smallholder coffee farms that are prevalent to this day. 

This particular bag of coffee beans also comes from smallholders in Sumatra — an island west of Java responsible for 50% of national coffee production. Sumatran coffee's beloved thick body, low acidity, and earthy flavor profile can be partly attributed to its near-perfect growing conditions. However, its distinct flavor and aroma are mainly due to a post-harvest processing method called Giling Basah or Wet-Hulling. With this method, the coffee leaves the farm with moisture content of 11%, resulting in its herbaceous characteristics. 

Sip on Sumatra’s Typica variety if you love smoother and fuller-bodied coffee with a dark and bold flavor and aroma. Enjoy a rich brew with notes of spices, dried prunes,and dark chocolate throughout each cup.