A sip of coffee. A dose of nostalgia.

At Notorious, coffee is more than just a personal experience; it's a blast from the past. We're on a mission to provide a place where our clients can socialize, connect, reminisce, or relax with a good cup of coffee. On our walls, you'll find the finest memorabilia in Sports, Rock'n'Roll, and Hollywood. Along with our delicious single-origin coffee, you're in for a nostalgic caffeine-fueled conversation!


“From the remote cloud forest of Ethiopia to the volcanic mountains of El Salvador, we source the best coffee from around the world.”
“We aim to be your number one source for investment-grade collectibles in both sports and entertainment.”
“Notorious is a place to hang out, partake of well-made coffee, and relive iconic moments in history!”

Freshly roasted coffee delivered straight to your door.

We travelled the world for the highest-quality green beans that are ethically produced and sustainably grown. These beans are then micro-roasted to ensure freshness and preserve their flavor integrity from the farm to your cup.

Featured Collection

American Gangster (2007)
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Showtime VS Air Jordan
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Muhammad Ali Over Liston (GLOVE)
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Lionel Messi
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