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Ace Blend


Origin: South-Central American & African mix
Tasting Notes: Chocolate , Caramel , & Maple syrup


ACE blend is the one stop solution for all types of espresso drinks. From espresso to black, white to cold, it has that level of physical and sensorial combination.Specifically Ace blend we design to suit your everyday coffee life. This blend will gives you heavy mouthfeel, bit of riped mellow acidity and caramel sweetness if you are looking to enjoy as Black or espresso.

If you are milk based coffee drinker, this blend lifts the milk caramelized sugar and add extra caramel flavors. It is bit heavy when it comes in texture but ending is very sweet with maple syrup.We have added our best 100% Arabica origins from Africa, central and south America to suit your any modality of taste.

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