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Notorious Training
Café Barista
16 HRS

Course Description

This is perfect training course for barista who wants to improve skills and deliver high quality specialty coffee in quality- oriented coffee shop environment. This course combines in espresso, milk skills and quality coffee brewing. We want to transfer confident and consistence in every single cup in your café by delivering the best updated coffee technique through this course.

What you will learn:-
– Understanding specialty coffee chain and popular coffee species.
– Differentiating coffee quality through the sensory skills.
– Core technical and practical knowledge on grinder calibration.
– Coffee extraction science and relation of correlated factors.
– Milk steaming technique and latte art.
– Perfect solution and skill development for café standard filter coffee.
– Handling of Espresso and filter coffee equipment.

Duration 2 day
Cost Per Person AED2,000.00

Available Sessions

  • 21-Feb-2023 - 22-Feb-2023 09:00 - 17:00 5 spaces left - +
  • Coming Soon 09:00 - 17:00 5 spaces left
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