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SCA Bundle
Foundation Bundle
24 HRS

Course Description

The bundle includes prescheduled SCA (Barista skills, Sensory skills and Brewing) Foundation Courses.

What you will learn: –
– Basic of Specialty coffee.
– Coffee freshness and taste relation with roasting.
– Espresso extraction science and sensory profiling.
– Grinder calibration technique and consistency.
– Milk streaming technique and latte art.
– Espresso based Menu and workflow.
– Caring and cleaning Espresso machine and equipment.
– Coffee from seed to cup.
– Different principles of brewing.
– Sensory profiling and connection with coffee chain.
– Water quality.
– Brewing technique and variables.
– Practical tips for consistence good quality coffee.
– How to evaluate coffee.
– How to develop coffee language.
– Cupping protocols and its importance in coffee industry.
– Importance of sensory evaluation in coffee supply chain.
– Environment of optimum cupping lab.

SCA – 25 Points

Examination fees (free of charge):
*Training and Examination fees are non-refundable.

Duration 3 day
Cost Per Person AED3,650.00

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