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Muhammad Ali Over Liston (GLOVE)

Authentic worn & hand signed boxing glove by Muhammad Ali with original photograph Ali over Liston by Neil Leifer, 1965. Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity by Leipzig Galleries.

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The 1965 bout between Muhamad Ali and Sonny Liston remains one of the most controversial in boxing history. Less than two minutes after the opening bell, Ali knocked the former champion down with a “phantom punch” to the jaw. The image of Muhammad Ali standing over and yelling at Sonny Liston became one of the most iconic photos in boxing history documents. Get the original photograph, Ali over Liston, by Neil Leifer in this exclusive memorabilia, along with an authentic hand-signed boxing glove by Muhammad Ali!

Approx. Framed Size: 82 x 100 cm
Autographed by: Muhammad Ali
Authenticity: Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity by Leipzig Galleries


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