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Scarface (1983)

Featuring the authentic autograph of Al Pacino with a movie prop machine gun replica of “My Little Friend”. Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity by Leipzig Galleries.

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Do you remember that scene at the restaurant when Tony Montana let loose a string of expletives during a drunken fight with his wife? Or how about that chainsaw scene that almost gave the film an x-rating? Thirty-five years later, and the memories of this rags-to-riches gangster tale are as vivid as ever. Revisit the crime classic with this autographed Scarface memorabilia! Featuring a movie prop AR-15 assault rifle replica, say hello to Tony Montana’s “little friend”.

Approx. Framed Size: 130 x 97 cm
Autographed by: Al Pacino
Authenticity: Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity by Leipzig Galleries


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