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Sensory Skills | SCA Coffee Skills Program
Sensory Skills Intermediate
16 HRS

Course Description

The sensory skills intermediate course looks at sensory analysis and cupping on a deeper level. This course will provide you different methodology of sensory evaluation and its application in coffee industry. Someone with cupping experience and working in the area suits this course.
Prerequisites for this course is Sensory Skills foundation.

What you will learn:-
– Human senses and its application in coffee industry.
– Different Sensory analysis and its application.
– Sensory panel and its uses.
– Deeper knowledge on coffee cupping protocols.
– Olfaction, gustation and taction and coffee industry.

SCA – 10 Points

Examination fees (free of charge):
*Training and Examination fees are non-refundable.

Duration 2 day
Cost Per Person AED2,450.00

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